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Beijing ToRaise Science & Technology Investment Co. Ltd. (short for Toraise S&T Inv.), located in Valley Mansion of TUS Park, was founded on May 10th, 2013. 

Our Business

Our investment orientation mainly covers angel and start-up phase in field of high-end equipment manufacturing, medical devices, electronic information engineering,energy conservation and environment protection, new energy, new material etc.

Core Advantage

Our core strengths lies in deep technical analysis and market research capabilities of project, and based on a strong expert advisory team. Through the integration of professional communication with experts and the comprehensive analysis of different views of experts, we conclude objective and accurate judgment of the project.

Investment Philosophy

1. Evaluate projects based on product (process), market and team.

2. Product (process) is of high technique, market potential, with pursuit of monopoly in market segments.

3. Management team, R & D and marketing personnel structure should be as complete as possible. We attach importance to team with experience.