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Angel Investment

Our investment orientation mainly covers angel and start-up phase of filed of high-end equipment manufacturing, medical devices, intelligent hardware, energy conservation and environment protection, new material etc.

Investment Philosophy
1. Evaluate projects based on product(process), market and team.
2. Product(process) is of high technique, market potential,with pursuit of monopoly in market segments.
3. Management team, R & D and marketing personnel structure as complete as possible, attach importance to team with experience.
Investment Criteria
Technology and market standard
1. The technology is unique domestically and advanced globally with high degree of technological maturity. High technical barriers and not easy to imitate.Obvious substitution and new application potential market.
2.. If the technology is advanced and mature but not unique, or unique but with low technical barrier and can be imitated easily , the market needs to meet one of the following two conditions:
(1) Good market performance. Have ability to occupy the market quickly in practice.Or own market access barriers, having first mover advantage 
to expand the market in a certain period of time.
(2) Obvious advantages in the market area or industry. Having clear and high profit with rate of return on investment not less than 30% yearly.
Team Standard
Reasonable structure of the team members. Having experience on management, marketing, R&D. Owns strong technology innovation and management ability. Having team spirit and basic understanding of capital market.
Cooperation Essentials
1. Reasonable valuation with clear foundations based on actual situation of the company.
2. Diversify risk by joint investment. We try to invest jointly to diversify risk and bring more resources to entrepreneurs.
3. Appropriate funds by stages according to agreed terms with entrepreneurs based on development of their business.
4. Setting one-way Valuation Adjustment Mechanism and trigger conditions based on the goal of entrepreneurs and rules of angel investment.
5. Low pay to shareholders at early stage. The founders should have entrepreneurial and sacrifice spirit, remain low or zero wage before the company achieve profitability.