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Beijing Homolaser Technological ltd. Co.

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Beijing Homolaser Technological ltd. Co. is a Hi-Tech innovative enterprise assembling the design, manufacture and sale of diffractive optical elements. The founders and core team of our corporation possess relevant experience on the diffractive optical element for many years. More importantly, those experiences involve the upstream and downstream of DOE. Starting from the design, fabrication, characterization, installation and following laser processing. Our products contain laser beam splitter, laser sampler, laser beam shaping, top Hat beam shaper, multi focus element and so on. Especially we have the core proprietary intellectual property rights.

DOE can modify the intensity, phase and the wave front distribution of the laser flexibly and is perceived as a revolution of DOE. The laser processing industry of China is upgrading. The diffractive optical element is essential to act an important role in laser processing. Beijing HOMOlaser provides sets of solutions in the design, fabrication, characterization and installation

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