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Social recruitment: Investment Management

Number of visits: Date:2014-07-22

Investment manager 

Salary: Negotiable
1. Gather information, conduct feasibility analysis in early stage of investment projects.
2. Implementation of investment projects.
3. Assessment of investment projects and routine management of invested enterprise. 
4. Learn advanced management experience and management of company. 
5. Policy analysis, pay close attention to policies within the industry
6. Other arrangements by our company.
1. Finance, management, international trade related major, master degree or outstanding undergraduate.
2. Strong sense of responsibility, pay attention to details.
3. Strong team spirit and sense of confidentiality, good communication skills and awareness of service.
4. Candidates with investment and financing vocational qualification preferred.
5. Our company provides complete five insurance and housing fund. We provide generous benefits and broad space for development of talents based on "paid for post, paid for ability, paid for performance”. 
Please send your resume to  if you are interested. We’ll arrange time for interview if needed.

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