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Technology demand

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1. Feature film industry production technology
2. Diesel exhaust is treated with nano-mesoporous ZSM-5 zeolite production technology
3. The quantity of powder system improvements
4.LNG pressure vessels vacuum technology
5. oxirane derivative technology development
6. advanced technology and new materials technology
7. optimization design of glass and steel products
8. The high-grade paper machine production technology Cots
9. part thermoplastics interface modification agent
10. A carbon nanotube manufacturing technology
11. Rubber and plastic and use technology
12. Automatic Welding Technology
13. The research and development of aluminum cable
14. Detection ingot and titanium tetrachloride in oxygen element
15. hydrolyzate dechlorination technology
16. Silicone comprehensive treatment of waste and slurries of contact body
Study on energy saving circular saw blade 17. quenching process equipment
18. High Performance Bridge Steel Product Development
19. The carbon fiber composite core wire, aramid insulating paper
20. coastal excavation methods; development and application of high strength and high performance concrete; housing industry base construction; application of deep layers of rock blasting underground pipe jacking technology; development and application of new wall materials.
21. PV backplane performance improvements (high heat, high dielectric strength), crystalline silicon solar cells with n-paste glass frit formulation technology, highly transparent polyolefin film, soft package lithium aluminum foil surface passivation film processing technique, the fluorine-containing adhesive coating, high flame solar battery back-
Formulation technology and testing technology 22.TFT TAC level optical film
23. Development of new phenolic resin used in the resin-modified abrasive
24. The high iron content of high-performance new materials, cast aluminum alloy A356
25. The lightweight car with a high toughness magnesium alloy material development and industrialization
26. The pressure gas development and process development of magnesium alloy wheels
27. New Materials for High Performance LZ.6A13 wheel
28. mechatronics, mechanical engineer
29. R & D, petrochemical, power, pharmaceutical, feed, fertilizers, dyes, food and other industries and medium-sized process equipment, design and production
30. The metal zinc-nickel diffusion layer anti-corrosion technology or other better-corrosion technology
31. Image Processing
32. The storage device equipment manufacturing, transportation equipment and dust removal equipment in the
33. The vacuum booster and assembly technology
34. A special cable technology, submarine cable technology
35. The high-strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature high OCTG Development
36. clean steel production technology research and development
37. The suspension and chassis stiffening means and improvements
38.LED automatic placement equipment
39. manure (pig manure, chicken manure) harmless treatment
40. stamping technology and product design, new materials molding
41. The high boiling flash technology
42. Regulation fluidized bed technology
43.DX2231 MWS systems development
44. The welding process intelligent control system
45. The feed machinery design and development
46. ​​Fan compressor and turbine design and manufacturing of high-end technology
47. The monitoring and control technology
48. Steam Generator of key technology
49. Corn Harvester automatic warning technology
50. The casting technology, permanent magnet motor frequency energy manufacturing technology
51. ginning, lint cleaning, stripping down, electrical automation, hydraulic
52. The biomass fuel stoves Manufacturing Technology
53. Community precision sowing, harvesting machinery
54. The new air purification technology
55. The short-circuit current limiting power technology
56. remote monitoring, wireless data transmission and personnel positioning, intelligent control and simulation technology
57. The actuator cylinder design
58. Quality of cephalosporins, penicillin mycelium harmless, 7-ACA produced, 7-ACA enzymatic step enzyme research and development, 7-ACA, 7-ADCA enzymatic technology, everolimus, etc. introduction of new technology
59. nanocrystalline technology
60. penicillin V turn 6-aminopenicillanic acid process with the Enzyme
61. The introduction of a class of drugs common R & D projects and technology
62. The anti-cancer, diabetes and other drugs for technology transfer
63.DMF recycling technology, acetic anhydride recovery technology
64. The biomedical materials, artificial tissue engineering manufacturing technology
65. The distribution automation technology and energy and environmental technology; health management information network service platform technology research and development; malicious (virus) code analysis; medical electronic micro-sensor
66. The multilayer film, slow and controlled release technology
67. R & D, production of key technological transformation
68. The anti-cancer drugs, diabetes type medication, pediatric product development and transfer
69. Agricultural microbial fermentation technology preparation
70. The need to support bio-engineering technology, sea buckthorn product development
71. The composite rennet product depth development; introduction of pediatric products and the introduction of products for cardiovascular drugs
72. North Cordyceps deep processing and related technology to extract nutrients
73. The formulation of a new veterinary drug research and development
74. The high temperature solar collectors and solar thermal trough system development
75. resolve wind power energy storage, high and low voltage ride through, the wind farm electrical model and other technologies
76. improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency of photovoltaic modules
77. perovskite photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cell technology
78. emulsion explosive automatic charge, packaging systems
79. The high-quality plywood, block board
80. Short process development and application of automotive castings foundry molding simulation technology
Optimum Design 81. rubber formulations
82. chemical production process automation control
Key Technology and Application of urban traffic control security system 83. Emergency Conditions
84. The speed detector chip technology
85. Multi-servo control system application development and application of precision measurement technology
86.ZrO2 material powder application development
87. The floor tile production process energy saving technologies, waste recycling technology
88. The high concentration wastewater pretreatment technology
89. antibiotic bacteria titer slag processing and decomposition products of decomposition pathway analysis
90. The impact of the stable operation of sewage treatment plants biologically active inhibitor identification
91. coking coal gas desulfurization technology, production of coking wastewater treatment processes, sintering machine tail dust
92. The high-voltage high-frequency power supply digital control systems development
93. Synthesis of naphthalene superplasticizer drying process exhaust gas purification, recovery and utilization
94. desulfurization, denitrification and Mapping
95. flue heat recovery
96. Preparation of high-purity acetyl dimethyl succinate (DMAS) of
97. reduce heat consumption of clinker burning
Cyanide tailings slurry treatment technology and equipment research containing harmless 98.
99. Lead carbon cell research
100. gas efficient combustion, low-emission technologies, gas heating and water heaters condensing technology and industrial biomass combustion efficiency low-emission technologies and industrialization
101. The foul gas deodorization technologies: biological deodorization technology, chemical scrubbing and deodorizing technology deodorant active oxygen ion technology
102. The solar thermal heating, solar photovoltaic applications
103. FRP waste environmental treatment technology
104. Surface Treatment Technology
105. sludge (pulp, talc, water, etc.) of the processing techniques
106. The production process of sodium carbonate in the soda liquor decomposition of ammonium chloride
107. ammonia soda soda soda production technology of sodium chloride mother liquor recovered
108. The production of caustic soda ammonia soda, salt sludge utilization technology
109. concentrated seawater purification, enriched technology
110. coke oven wastewater treatment technology concentrated on techniques of denitrification wastewater treatment technology
111. The heat energy saving, the second pipe heat balance control technology
112. microbial fermentation technology into potato potato residue or without fermentation directly into feed technology
113. sintering machine ultrafine soot particles gather and means to develop
114. desulfurization, denitrification, removal of mercury powerful oxidant used in catalyst technology and product development
115. Titanium Returns renewable materials purification technology
116. economizer new technologies, new technology development and utilization of raw materials and fuels, cement kiln co-processing of urban waste technology
117. efficient dust removal technology, desulfurization, denitrification technology
118. Wastewater Treatment
119. plus cyanide reaction product was crystallized
120. sulfur hexafluoride recovery purification technology
121. Diesel - CNG Dual Fuel Electronic Injection heavy truck vehicle technology
122. overclocking low vanadium titanium beneficiation research mountains
123. vanadium and titanium steel production of new technology
124. sinter production process optimization and quality improvement, optimization of hot metal composition
125. The non-oriented silicon steel smelting and hot rolling production
126. The development of hot rolled quality carbon structural steel, cold-rolled products enhance the surface quality
127. rolling and heat treatment of chromium molybdenum steel, stainless steel rolling and heat treatment
128. zinc ash, zinc slag comprehensive utilization of new technologies
129. The waste heat utilization and environmental protection equipment improvements
130. ceftiofur amide liquor processing
131. imidacloprid, acetamiprid optimize and improve the production process and synthesis process waste water, waste gas treatment; pesticide formulations to enhance product development and new forms of production technology; the new synthetic technology of environment-friendly pesticide products; new bio pesticide production technology
132. Coal Chemical Technology
133. spent electrolyte recycling, lead paste processing technology
134. The lower part of the glass bulb to eliminate sulfide size 1.0-3.0mm
135. Qualitative and eliminate fine dimethyl highboils
136. PPS project
137. ketone hydrazine hydrate project linking nitrogen method
138. cyanuric chloride project
139. Neoprene project
140. Salt Chemical new product development, technical crystalline pool plate sclerosis, salt seepage technology research, development and other small machinery for Yantian
141. coal chemical industry, metallurgy engineering
142. cows feed with research and development applications
143. health, nutrition, health novel foods, beverages and other products
144. The new bio-feed technology research direction
145. grain and oil processing in the field of advanced technology, advanced technology and production management
146. The feed formulation and feed new raw materials
147. No glue particleboard production technology
148. starch sugar new product development
149. incense product packaging automation process transformation
150. broiler slaughter and processing technologies need support and farming sewage treatment technology
151. edible fungi research
152. The market prospects mushroom processing technology, preservation technology, storage technology
153. corrosion mildew (feed, beverages), Paul Green biological preservation technology (drinks)
154. flowers, herbs tissue culture-based vaccine technology
155. Fruit management, travel planning and development issues, food technology research and development
156. egg deep processing, egg food, egg cosmetics research and development, organic fertilizer research and development
157. chlorogenic acid efficacy study Stevia leaves
158. improve the yield of curcumin
159. Electric Manufacturing, adjust the control, electrical construction
160. The amino acid continuous production of new technology, ammonium chloride residue treatment process
161. Diamond tools diamond-cut design and development simulation testing machine
162. brushless motors
163. Shield versatile cutter
164. The key to improving the quality of soy sauce biotechnology
165. Development of solid oxide fuel cell stack
166. The poly-3,4-ethylene dioxythiophene (PEDT) as the solid electrolyte aluminum electrolytic capacitors development and industrialization
167. Low Temperature Co-fired inductors shaped ceramic material
168. Cloud computing; high-availability systems; massive data mining; distributed architecture; low-latency algorithm; quantitative analysis; intelligent transaction.
169. Different software seamless docking port logistics system
170. Public information tracing food quality and safety management platform
171. The condition identification techniques used car, used car evaluation algorithm mathematical model
172. Cloud computing and physical networking technology, standardization digitized pension services, digital health management, various research applications into the pension industry
173. offshore vessels Dynamic Positioning System Key Technology Development and Industrialization
174. RE finishing technology, new material technology, rare metal finishing technology, electronic materials technology, a new generation of audio and video data compression technology, automation, mining beneficiation smelting technology, big data analysis and forecasting techniques
175. The trade service platform, supply chain finance
176. The function of efficient gene expression technology (with industrialization); related products cleared technical purpose gene and resistance gene; resistance gene detection of jamming system integration;
1.771 million tons / year of malt production line expansion project
178. can absorb a lot of heat of hydration of cement concrete admixture (admixture)
179. The key to improving pig production technology, improve the quality of hog key technical, environmental control, intelligent management of key technologies, agricultural non-point source pollution control and environmental protection engineering technology
180. Guangdong Sericulture modern new practical and efficient integration of high-tech machinery and equipment research and innovation systems and production applications; fruit leaves mulberry dual product development and utilization of resources; innovation, development and utilization of silkworm germplasm resources; integrated pest prevention Development and application of control technology 181. Environmental polyethylene banner digital printing
182. wide composite PET plastic woven
183. speed laminating pre-nickel demand research projects
184. High-performance rotary and planar target preparation technology
185. Preparation of water-based paint for electromagnetic shield technology
186. The high-performance energy-saving windows and doors sliding unscrew
187. regulator Applications
188. The stator core loose handle
189. Improved generator ventilation channel; governor oil system "water hammer" as is water; units harmonic and harmonic detection governance; the impact of the sound source unit testing and judgment
Development of the image guide 190. The vertical positioning of radiotherapy (particle) system
191.5000kg / a InP industrialization demonstration projects
192. The new (tin-based) solder, solder powder, paste development and industrialization
193. The electronics and semiconductor industries special doping source gas prepared key materials research and development
194. pressure leaching of valuable metals complex separation technology research and industrialization of the theoretical basis
Technology and Application of arsenic-industrial complex 195. "three wastes" (waste gas, waste) treatment
196. Comprehensive recycling tin low silver anode slime
197. tin smelting low arsenic Wastewater Treatment
198. Application of tin chemicals industry in Tin
199. Application of organic tin heat stabilizer in PVC industry
200. improve the ratio of production of iron ore tailings YTC integrated R & D
Countermeasures equipment and environmental problems 201. ferrous metallurgy sintering alkali metal removal process
202. improve the sintering process desulfurization rate under current conditions
203. Red steel perimeter extraction Cu, after Zn, Pb, Sn containing material utilization technology research and development
204. R & D under high load conditions harmful elements blast anterograde and longevity Technology
Low temperature hot metal desulphurization technology 205. Economy
Influence 206.Cu, Sn, As and other harmful elements on the quality of steel
207. steel slag
208. improve wire production ribbed wire rod (set screw) reinforced with ring difference
209. The use of 16 rolling 10 # channel
210. Solid waste iron dust resource utilization project
211. Revitalization Group Technology Development and Application Project
212. Dairy Goat processing 6300 tons of construction projects
213. The series features high-quality bear healthy food, daily chemical (burns), R & D use skincare products
214. Pingbian Taxus research and development center project
215. Pingbian Dendrobium plants
216. Precision Forging Technology
217. cold and warm forging technology
218. Precision Forging Technology
219. The automatic cleaning filter dust blasting equipment
220. Chlorpyrifos drug alkaline hydrolysis process waste water treatment
221. Waterproof and dustproof and cooling technology
222.D5S materials and blast furnace control studies
223. winter safety, environmental protection, low-power heating mode 2, tissue culture contamination (fungus) problem
224. Isophorone highboils hydrolysis
225.6 MW direct drive permanent magnet wind generator cooling technology, anti-corrosion design technology, lightweight design technology research
226. improve the productivity of the new LED lights epoxy resin automated production technology
227. Pressure rubber parts, antifreeze and anti-aging
228.α- sodio formyl -β- formylaminopropionitrile (referred sodio thereof) Synthesis of
229. The extension pole placement algorithm and digital implementation of key technology research
230. Shot deformed sheet; high-power blast wheel; Welding Automation
Over 231.350 ℃ heat resistant conveyor belt
232. Smart Attachments
233. resistant materials
234. Axle castings solve the problem of local hard spot technical solutions
235. cast steel axle housing lightweight materials and structures research
236. cast steel axle housing energy efficient casting process for
237. Layout Planning and Simulation
Improved Design 238. Tiller gearbox and transmission
239. machined stainless steel surface treatment
240. The acquisition of closed-end automated acquisition technique tobacco
241. Vacuum V-method casting box and error box technology cooperation
242. casting dust, dust control technology
243. The high barrier film fabrication technology performance leak detection equipment
244. Technical filter net deduction
245. food drying equipment temperature and humidity control system automatically detects the adjustment
246.3T2J forklift cylinder blow-by
Power Logic controller 247. Construction Machinery hydrostatic drive
248. Construction Machinery Ergonomics Research
249. The mechanical properties of materials analysis techniques
250. The side-mounted circuit breaker spring mechanism
251. coaxial operating mechanism
252. Active Filter
253. passive circuit breaker protection and control technology
Room 254. switchgear interlocking device technology
255. RMU solid insulation technology
256. sanitation special vehicle technology reduce operating noise
257.40T internal combustion counterbalanced forklift
258. wet brake steering drive the front axle assembly technology
259. Inverter circuit protection in high voltage pulse
260. knitting machine complex shapes runway groove surface heat treatment technology
261. textile machinery production lost foam casting technology
262. solar photovoltaic module laminator production
263. Sheet metal spinning pulley system debugging techniques and life thumbwheel improve technology
264. Wet stirrer
265. The internal combustion engine piston new material
266. Development and application of pulse power
267. nanometer dual high performance carbide industrial production technology
268. SOG metallurgical silicon production technology and equipment technology
269. Grease slag processing technology
270. carbide slag / lime and utilization technology research and industrial applications slag
271. gold, copper, lead, zinc and other metals smelting waste acid wastewater treatment technology
272. Sodium Magnesium copper alloy material
273. produce 5,000 tons of new electronic materials production project
274. anion far infrared stainless steel production technology and its application in Medical Devices
275. antibacterial stainless steel plate production process and the use of medical devices
276. Water white rosin resin production technology
277. The diffusion process is more rare earth elements
278. chrome alloy saw simplify the process or substitution
279. RE hydrometallurgical waste acid contained Ca, Fe ion treatment
280. extraction of rare earth separation of the organic phase electric saponification technology
281. Rare Earth Industry acidic wastewater reuse technology
282. The rare earth electrolysis intelligent charging system
283. The first molding technology development
284. The aluminum barrier-free development
285.300kg level and above sapphire crystal growth technology
286. fluorine potassium titanate production Self Control
287. RE resistant steel
288. ultrafine particle WC-Co composite powder, WC-TiC-Co composite powder material, sintering technology
289. The high-speed train pantograph slide
290. spike production techniques and new materials
291. The new material is wear-resistant composite steel plate production technology
292. solid bus production technology
293. zirconium aluminum master alloy production technology
294. silica beads aquatic classification technology
295. polluting Removal Iron whitening methods
296. synthetic CAMPHENE new technology
297. The one-step solid acid catalyst system turpentine terpineol
298. Underwater construction using epoxy anti-corrosion coating production technology
299. solvent-free self-leveling epoxy floor paint production technology
Fully insulated copper bus 300. Processing Method
301. Modification of Bentonite
Cast production process 302. ADI products
303. CAE Analysis for Ductile iron products (casting simulation analysis)
304. silicone timber protectant
305. famotidine glucose injection
306. acyclovir glucose injection
Study SF 307. Injection Process chloride
308. The cultivation of new high-glutamic acid-producing bacteria
309. fertilizer production process of flue gas odor
310. corncob furfural residue of activated carbon project
311. The use of corn starch biodegradable plastic
312. The aluminum anode, cathode inert material; material hammer sealing material around the problem under electrolyzer shell hit
313. dealkalization red mud produced special cement; dealkalization cement building brick
314. The technology to reduce power consumption
Inner tube 315. The tube digestion scarring Prevention and Treatment
316. settling tank a wash tank scarring Prevention and Treatment
317. How to reduce scarring and suppress a wash pipe
318. How to improve the efficiency of the evaporator using steam
319. Conditions seed decomposition process optimization
320. How to improve decomposition agglomeration section groove agglomeration effect
321. Application crystallization aids in the decomposition tank
322. red mud efflux process optimization
Study 323. dilution tank additive control humate
324. Alumina plant cleaner production waste management
325. decomposition bath granularity control optimization measures
326. ore milled
327. The dissolution rate of increase
328. enhance the dissolution amount of feed
329. Principles and flocculant preparation
330. increase the decomposition rate
331. reduce alkali consumption
332. Dissolution burden calculation
333. The full device management (TPM)
334. alumina plant on-line monitoring of realization
335. alumina plant DCS system running, maintenance
336. The industrial analysis process as well as how to reduce the impact of human factors error control means
337. The slurry solids analysis and optimization methods
338. How AO plant laboratory analysis with international standards
339. How to improve decomposition agglomeration section groove agglomeration effect
340. Application crystallization aids in the decomposition tank
341. Application of coal gas coal gas station at the end of
342. Diaphragm Maintenance
343. leaf filter maintenance
344. ore
Application and Maintenance of 345. equipment mechanical seal
346. Application and Maintenance of lubrication equipment
347. Frequency installation and maintenance of large equipment
Related to the operation and maintenance of the motor 348. Outdoor
349. aluminum vacuum brazing oil cooler
350. brazed aluminum radiators
351. The relevant paper production, energy saving technology
352.E0 grade green plastic 8mm thickness less fiberboard application
353.Pvc production process energy saving technology
354. polyethylene chemical crosslinking polymer modified noise absorbing material
355. oil for machinery, special vehicles; the well site waste treatment and disposal facilities
356. The solid-state inorganic electroluminescent glazing of development; development of low emissivity while antioxidant hard film; airgel insulating glass applications among; transparent conductive film material related development; antireflection film; at high temperatures when treatment can effectively protect the thin-film metal layer; glass tempering process to eliminate stress spots
357. The animal biological products, the parasite vaccine research and preparation techniques, animal antibody, developed in veterinary medicine and other related technologies
358. sepsis and anti-infective, anti-tumor, immunomodulatory type, blood type, neurological, anesthesia, respiratory, blood vessels, etc., around the high morbidity, high mortality diseases, the need for more effective drugs disease products.
Medicine, biotechnology, small molecule compound synthesis, peptide synthesis, polysaccharide synthesis, formulation, quality analysis, etc.
359. The gas pipeline station equipment main core components; urban gas transmission and distribution equipment main core components; LNG liquefaction and filling equipment main core components; storage and transportation of oil and gas field development device main core components
360. The direction of the development of energy and environmental protection, mainly for the profile of the cavity structure heat insulation and cavity filling material
Research at sea (or sea floor) with oil and other pipelines; research 361. electromagnetic heating welding technology
362. The leading enterprise products have water-saving materials and recycling technology research and development, water engineering design, construction and installation of related equipment maintenance, water conservancy construction, drip irrigation belt, filter, drainage and irrigation machinery, plastic pipe fittings manufacturing and sales
363.NFC how to apply in the field of self-adhesive labels; how to reduce the manufacturing cost of the RFID sticker art
364. Computer Software, Electronics & radio, information security, machinery manufacturing
365. welding, machinery manufacturing
366. Insulation beam technology research groove
367. develop diesel exhaust gas purification system
368. The lane departure warning system
Production Technology 369. fatigue warning system and traffic statistics system
370.AMT automatic transmission
371. A new sound-absorbing material
372. The core system application development system intelligent sensor technology
373. reload speed electromagnetic drive technology development
Technology and Equipment 374. inorganic resin sand regeneration
375. The ratio of shoot development sand bodies
376. Looking for a high level of drug research and development projects as well as strategic equity for the company's strategic development needs of business investment cooperation
Integrated control program 377. The biological pesticide crops pests
378. The high purity specific colostrum immunoglobulin separation and purification technologies; purity of at least 40% or more; rotavirus antigen preparation technology; product preclinical studies
379. automatic staining machine; anti-tumor peptide drugs
380. The various types of high-tech and energy-saving and environmental protection in the field of thermal power
381. Small technical information auger drill and heads the combination sheet pile connection technology activities
382. hydropower penstock health status predicted: by pressure pipe thickness, corrosion, cracks, vibration, the same amount of water leakage detection, pressure pipe can easily predict the state of health in the remote control center to resolve the current hydropower penstock Status required artificial field tests; intelligent hydropower development of intelligent electronic devices based on IEC61850: the use of embedded real-time control systems, development of various types of intelligent electronic devices based on IEC61850 Smart Station, providing reliable intelligent control equipment for the construction of hydropower stations in China Smart
383. alloy surface treatment technology and equipment; stainless steel surface treatment technology and equipment; electronic assembly production line
384. water disinfection technology: chemical and physical methods (UV, ozone) in the technology industry
385. The mobile communication multi-network (2G / 3G / 4G) signaling collection and analysis techniques required to collect, resolve a variety of standard signaling message for each mobile communication network interfaces, and signaling messages associated with the integration of the various interface requirements partners have a mature product
386. efficient electric compressor design and manufacturing; energy efficient design and manufacturing automobile air-conditioning systems; and can ensure that products meet the domestic and international automotive industry product standards, intellectual property rights achievements property rights, the ability to have some R & D investment
387. R & D and industrialization of clean power distribution between: for all power and energy parameters four remote functions, namely remote, telemetry, remote control and remote adjustment function. The company plans to invest 2 million yuan of independent research and development and production of more advanced domestic intelligent distribution automation equipment
388. electromagnetic science, research and research mechanics of the power industry, the magnetic material can be used for analysis and micro-electronic control technology research and development organization, or with a similar power industry product development and production enterprises
389. ARM dual-core, quad-core embedded development application (PCB \ drive) under complex light 3D face recognition algorithm, Android, IOS system interface design; mold structure and new materials processing
390. The development of energy-saving and environmental protection, new generation of high-performance polymer materials

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