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Capital from various quarters to actively focus 2015 three new board will become a "dark horse" Birthplace

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    Recently held First Financial in 2014 three new board summit in Haiyang Energy Group Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Zhao Meng said: "Recently, in Hai Duong and discuss cooperation, information interactive average capital from various quarters 1-2 at home every day, new Third Market has become the focal point of the foresight and layout institutional investors, we expect the new board will be destined to become a 2015 return on investment in the field of "dark horse" birthplace. "it can be used as evidence that many of the new board of listed companies on the summit are sought after by the capital, but also the industry this trend also has a striking consensus.
Award three new board business and the investment community concern, "the first ECONOMICS - 2014 three new board summit" to "boost the wealth of the New World o Nasdaq rising China" as the theme, attracted a share transfer system leadership, finance academics, business high pipe, the top private equity and brokerage chiefs and other 齐聚峰 scene; at the summit, whether elite or keynote roundtable, are passed out of this voice: Beginning of the new board market overall, China's Nasdaq positive quietly rising.
Shenyin assistant to the president, Xue Jun, general manager of investment banking division at the summit, said: "The new board is one of three areas of investment in the next five to ten years there are good prospects; the tide of change in the new round of state-led economy, the many outstanding SMEs will seize the opportunity to get rapid growth, and the new three-panel market is gathering more and more such good business. "
Among them, Hai Duong is a typical representative of such enterprises, as set by the first stock market-making, both in Haiyang in transaction size, or in terms of trading activity are to stay ahead; but in the IPO had recently also been completed active subscription investors, was a complete success. Haiyang reason for being sought capital from various quarters, and its ongoing R & D and innovation business philosophy are inseparable, particularly company chairman Xue Liming recent positive appeal and advocacy at the national conference on "Energy Internet" long-term strategy, and more is the potential to have a huge imagination.
As the country's SMEs share transfer system of Supervisors Deng Ying Ling said, share transfer system to support entrepreneurship and innovation of science and technology of small and micro enterprises, 78% of listed companies are high-tech enterprises, generally in research and development activities, R & D intensity of more than 5% of the enterprises accounted for nearly two-thirds of R & D intensity of more than 10% of enterprises accounted for 24.62%. "The number of the new three-panel market this innovative enterprise is about to break through 1500, in the trial of the 700 companies listed on all audits completed and before January next year." China is advancing in innovation-driven strategy today, which undoubtedly capital from various quarters to participate in innovation and development of new three-panel business to provide a broader stage, but also expected to share more innovative bonus.

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