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State Council on Further Improving the work under the new situation of employment and entrepreneurship

Number of visits: Date:2015-05-01
Guo Fa [2015] No. 23
Provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, wagons, agencies directly under:
Employment related to the overall economic development and improving people's livelihood. CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to adhere to the important goal to stabilize and expand employment in macroeconomic control, vigorously implement the strategy of giving priority to employment, actively deepen the reform of administrative examination and approval system and commercial business system, promote public business, Peoples innovation, entrepreneurship to improve employment multiplier effect further release , the employment situation is generally stable. But it should be noted, as China's economic development has entered a new normal, total employment pressure persists, more prominent structural contradictions. Volkswagen entrepreneurship, innovation is highly enriching way, powerful move is conducive to industry, business, distribution and other aspects of structural optimization. Faced with increasing pressure on the employment situation, we must strive to cultivate the mass start, the highly innovative new engine, implement a more proactive employment policy, combined with the entrepreneurship and employment, entrepreneurship and innovation in order to promote employment, the birth of a new driving force of economic and social development, to promote the people's livelihood improvement, economic restructuring and social harmony and stability provide a new momentum. Now make the following comments on further improving the work of employment and entrepreneurship:
First, in-depth implementation of Employment Priority
(A) adhere to the development strategy of expanding employment. To stabilize and expand employment as the lower limit of a reasonable range of economic operation, the new urban jobs, the survey unemployment rate as an important indicator of macroeconomic regulation and control, into the national economic and social development plan and annual plan. Reasonably determine the model of economic growth and development, scientific understanding of the direction and intensity of macroeconomic regulation to promote steady growth of employment in order to encourage employment and entrepreneurship to promote economic growth. Strengthen the supporting convergence of taxation, finance, industry, trade and other economic policy and employment policy, the establishment of macroeconomic policies on employment impact assessment mechanism. The establishment of public investment and major projects to improve employment assessment mechanism, under the same conditions for the creation of more jobs, better job quality project priority.
(Ii) the development of a strong ability to absorb employment industries. Innovative service development model and formats to support the development of commercial franchising, chain operations, develop financial leasing, environmental protection, electronic commerce, logistics and other production services and tourism and leisure, health, pension, family services, social work, culture and sports and other life of service, to create new economic growth point, increase the proportion of service sector employment. Accelerate innovation-driven development, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, cultivate strategic emerging industries and advanced manufacturing, increase the added value of labor-intensive industries; combined with the implementation of the overall regional development strategy to guide resource processing cost advantages of labor-intensive industries and have market demand for capital-intensive, technology-intensive industries to the central and western regions, and tap the secondary industry employment potential. Promoting agricultural modernization, accelerate the transformation of agricultural development, cultivate new occupation farmers, encourage culture, technology, the concept of a market economy based on market demand of various types of urban and rural workers to rural employment and entrepreneurship.
(Iii) to play small and micro enterprises owners Channel. Banking institutions operating characteristics and features for the financing needs of small and micro enterprises, innovative products and services. Develop government-backed financing guarantee institutions and re-guarantee institutions, improve risk-sharing mechanism to provide financial support to small and micro enterprises. Implementation support small and micro enterprise development tax policies, strengthen market supervision and enforcement of intellectual property rights protection, small and micro enterprises need to get authorized core patent application priority review. Take advantage of the development of new carrier aggregation, the introduction of competition, small and micro enterprises to carry out entrepreneurial innovation base city demonstration, the central government to give a comprehensive reward. Government procurement to support innovative ways to eliminate the small and medium enterprises to enjoy preferential policies related conditions faced identified, business intelligence and other unreasonable restrictions threshold. Guide enterprises to improve labor management, small and micro enterprises newly recruited workers, in line with the relevant conditions, shall be given employment, business support, and continuously improve the ability of small and micro enterprises to improve employment.
(Iv) active prevention and effective regulation of the risk of unemployment. The implementation of the unemployment insurance rate policy adjustments to reduce the burden on businesses and individuals, stable jobs. The unemployment insurance fund to support enterprise policy implementation by the scope of stable post the merger and reorganization of enterprises, to resolve the overcapacity enterprises, eliminate backward production capacity and other three companies extended to all qualified companies. Difficulties in production and operation of enterprises with employees through collective bargaining, to take the job training, shift work, flexible working hours, layoffs by renegotiating wage or less layoffs and other measures. For sure you want to layoffs, should develop resettlement programs, the implementation of special employment assistance action, properly handle labor relations and social security continue to promote the re-employment of unemployed people as soon as possible. Eliminate backward production capacity incentive funds to pay based on corporate mergers and acquisitions policy priority for land compensation placement of workers. Improve the unemployment monitoring and early warning mechanism, set up to deal with the risk of unemployment employment emergency plan.
Second, actively promote entrepreneurship to create jobs
(V) to create a relaxed environment and convenient access. Deepening the Reform of Commercial Systems, to further implement the reform of the registered capital of the registration system, and resolutely implement business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate "three cards - one", introduced during the year to promote the "three cards one" unified registration system reform and social views Credit source projects, "one photo one yard." Continue to optimize the registration mode, relax regulatory scope of business registration, support around the actual relaxation of newly registered business premises registration conditions, to promote "a multi-site photo" domicile registration Registration Reform clusters, sub-sector, sub-format release shelter resources. The use of large data services to strengthen the market players and regulators. Relying on enterprise credit information disclosure system, centralized public policy to support the application navigation, enjoy public support information. The establishment of small and micro business directory, small and micro enterprise development to carry out statistical sampling. Promote the reform and revision of non-convergence of Commercial Systems, no supporting laws, regulations and policy documents. Full completion of the liquidation of non-administrative licensing approval, and then cancel the high gold content of the administrative licensing items decentralization of economic development in a number of constraints, bound vitality of enterprises, a comprehensive clean-central setting, where the implementation of administrative examination and approval, significantly reducing investment project pre-approval. For approval of reserved matters, regulatory approvals behavior, clear standards, shorten the process, within specified time, the promotion of "one window" acceptance, approval, and other online parallel way.
(Vi) foster entrepreneurship and innovation in public internet. Seize the important opportunities in the new technological revolution and industrial change, to adapt to the body Popularization entrepreneurial innovation, to develop technology transfer and transformation, technology finance, certification and accreditation, inspection and other technology services, sum up and promote wound passenger space, coffee entrepreneurship, innovation workshops, etc. The new hatch pattern, accelerate the development of the market, specialization, integrated, networked public a space for innovation and entrepreneurship, online and offline, incubation and investment combine to provide a low cost for entrepreneurs, facilitation, whole feature, open service platform and development space. The implementation of technology business incubators, tax incentives University Science Park, meet the requirements of the new Incubator public a space science and technology business incubator applicable tax incentives. Conditional on the public a place to rent space, broadband networks, public software appropriate subsidies, or by providing a low-cost place to revitalize the commercial space, idle factories and other resources. May, subject to the premise of the overall planning and urban and rural planning land use, or use of existing approved various parks, construction business base, providing services for entrepreneurs, to create a group of entrepreneurs demonstration bases. Encourage enterprises from the traditional control organizations transition to new business platform that allows employees to become entrepreneurs on the platform, to form a market-led, venture capital participation, business incubators of entrepreneurial ecosystems.
(Vii) to broaden the financing channels for venture investment. The use of fiscal policy, to support the development of venture capital, venture capital, angel investment. Use of market mechanisms to guide social capital and financial capital to support entrepreneurial activity, expand the scale of investment venture. In accordance with government guidance and market operation, professional management principles to speed up the establishment of the National SME Development Fund and the National Venture Capital Fund of new industries, promote social capital for small and medium business jointly increase investment in innovation, promoting small and medium-tech start-up period business growth, support the early and middle, start-up business development in emerging industries. Encourage the establishment of local venture capital and other funds. Play the role of multi-level capital market, to accelerate the GEM and other capital market reform, strengthening the national SME share transfer system financing, trading and other functions, regulate the development of small and micro businesses serving regional equity markets. Public equity financing during the pilot carried out to promote the multi-channel equity financing, and actively explore and regulate the development of Internet banking, the development of new financial institutions and financial service institutions to promote public entrepreneurship.
(Viii) to support the development of entrepreneurship secured loan. The small loans for entrepreneurs secured loans adjusted for entrepreneurial requirements, with certain conditions for entrepreneurship, but the lack of venture capital and difficulty finding employment focus groups to improve their financial service availability, unequivocal support, criteria and conditions, the maximum loan the amount of 50,000 yuan for different groups, 80,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan, ranging from the uniform adjustment of $ 100,000. Referring to encourage financial institutions lending base rate, combined with the risk-sharing situation, rationally determine the loan interest rate, personal secured loans for entrepreneurs granted in the loan based on the floating base rate by 3 percentage points or less, from the financial to give discount. Simplify procedures, detailed measures to improve the loan interest subsidy funds assessment methods and standardized management and restraint mechanisms, improve efficiency compensatory perfect way to guarantee funds to write off bad debts.
(Ix) efforts to reduce costs to increase taxes. Implement a more proactive employment business tax incentives to promote the enterprises to absorb employment tax benefits range personnel from more than one year unemployed persons unemployed more than six months to adjust to personnel. College graduates, registered unemployed persons and other key groups founded individual industrial and commercial households, individual-owned enterprises can enjoy tax breaks the law. Pay close attention to the promotion of Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone pilot tax policies, employee education expenses tax deduction will pilot policy, corporate capitalization pay personal income tax installments pilot policy, equity incentive pay personal income tax installments pilot policy extended to the country. Comprehensive clean SheQi administrative fees, government funds, a mandatory monopoly business service fees, industry associations chambers of commerce SheQi charges, charges related enterprises implement inventory management system and entrepreneurial reporting burden feedback mechanism.
(J) mobilize researchers entrepreneurial initiative. Exploration of universities, research institutes and other institutions of professional and technical personnel serving business, undergo business related policies. For undergo entrepreneurship, by consent of the original unit, it can keep human relations in three years, with the original unit other equal access to participate in the post Titles Evaluation, post grades and promotion and the right to social security and other aspects. The original unit should be based on the actual situation of professional and technical personnel of entrepreneurship, with the signing of the employment contract or change clear rights and obligations. Accelerate scientific and technological achievements central level institutions use, dispose of and revenue management reform policy promotion. Encourage the use of fiscal funds research institutes established colleges and universities, vocational colleges, through the implementation of cooperation, transfer, licensing, and other investment ways, to college graduates in the creation of small and micro enterprises priority transfer and technological achievements. Pioneering Technology to improve equity incentives, relaxation of equity awards, stock sale of enterprises to set age limits and profitability.
(Xi) to encourage the rural labor entrepreneurship. Support migrant workers return home business, develop new agricultural business entities farmers' cooperatives, family farms, implement targeted tax cuts and reduce costs universality policies. Relying on the existing stock of various parks and other resources, and integrated to create a group of migrant workers return home business park, strengthen financial support and financial services. The farmer entrepreneurship and development of county economy combine to develop agro-processing, leisure agriculture, rural tourism, rural services and other labor-intensive industrial projects, promote the integration of rural secondary and tertiary industries. Relying on primary employment and social security services and other public platform, providing business guidance and services. Encourage all kinds of enterprises and social organizations use existing resources to build a number of agricultural innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration bases and training base, training a group of farmers entrepreneurial innovation counselor. Support farmers online business, to develop the "Internet +" and e-commerce, innovation and entrepreneurship, and actively organize farmers and enterprises, well-off villages, markets and parks docking, promote rural youth start enriching action.
(Xii) to create a good atmosphere for public business. Support the organization of entrepreneurship training camp, entrepreneurial innovation and competition, innovation and entrepreneurship projects show promotion and other activities, to build a platform for entrepreneurs, fostering an entrepreneurial culture, create conditions conducive to entrepreneurship, tolerance of failure of good social atmosphere, so that the public business, Peoples innovation has become common practice. The founder of social organization for workers engaged in Internet businesses meet the conditions, given the appropriate business support policies. Promoting entrepreneurial cities create, to implement the policy, excellent business environment, achieved remarkable results, according to the provisions of recognition.
Third, coordinate development of the employment of college graduates and other key groups
(Xiii) to encourage the employment of college graduates through various channels. The employment of college graduates employment in the first place. Improve wages further tilt to the grassroots approach, graduates and improve service support mechanism for universities to grass-roots work, to encourage graduates to the township, especially vulnerable township authorities and institutions work. For college graduates to the central and western regions, hardship in remote areas and the old industrial base in the county the following basic units of employment, to fulfill a certain period of service, shall be given tuition reimbursement and compensatory national student loan. Combined with the government to promote the purchase of service work, especially at the grassroots level streets (township), community (village) to buy a number of public administration and social service positions, giving priority to absorb the employment of college graduates. For small and micro enterprises newly recruited graduates graduation year colleges and universities, more than 1 year labor contract signed and pay social insurance premiums, social insurance subsidies given year. Implement sound trainee subsidies on probation expires retention rate of more than 50% of the probation unit, appropriately increasing the trainee allowances. The job subsidy is adjusted to start job subsidy, the target range has been extended to the national student loan graduates graduation year colleges and universities. Students start to lead the further implementation of the program, school leavers unemployed college graduates' employment promotion programs, the integrated development of venture fund employment of college graduates, improve the management system and market-oriented operation mechanism, rolling fund used to provide support for the employment of college graduates entrepreneurship. Actively support and encourage college graduates to join the construction of modern agriculture. To declare in the flexible employment of college graduates, according to the provisions in the social insurance, public employment service agency personnel at all levels to provide personnel, labor and social security agency services. Senior Engineering Technician College classes, vocational education graduates prep technician classes and special education institutions can refer to university graduates will receive relevant employment subsidies.
(Xiv) to strengthen the difficult personnel employment assistance. Reasonably determine the scope of employment difficulties, standardized certification process, strengthen the real-name system dynamic management and classification help. Adhere to market-oriented, encourage it to business employment, self-employment or flexible employment. The employer hires have difficulty finding employment, labor contracts and pay social insurance premiums within a certain period given social insurance subsidies. On the employment difficulties of flexible employment and pay social insurance premiums for social insurance subsidies for a certain percentage. Through market channels is really difficult to achieve employment, could be underpinning the placement of public service jobs, and give appropriate social insurance subsidies and post subsidies. Social insurance subsidies and job subsidies maximum period of three years from the retirement age for the first time to enjoy the subsidies approved five-year personnel, may be extended to retire. Specification development and management of public service positions, scientific setting total public service jobs, appropriately control the scale of jobs, making jobs declaration assessment methods, strict arrangements have difficulty finding employment in accordance with the law, and shall not be used to schedule non-employment difficulties. Strengthen the employment difficulties in management and performance evaluation gang case, establish periodic verification mechanism, improve the employment difficulties exit way to enjoy the support policy expires, good policy convergence and employment services after the withdrawal. According to the law vigorously promote the employment of persons with disabilities in proportion to increase the employer subsidies for the disabled and reward efforts to establish arrangements for the employer in proportion to the public system of employment of persons with disabilities. Accelerate the improvement of centralized employment for persons with disabilities to support policies to promote employment and assistive flexible employment. Increase the difficult personnel employment assistance efforts to ensure zero-employment families, and family minimum living allowance for needy families at least one person employed. More focused on the employment difficulties of the region, helping to strengthen the responsibility of higher levels of government to increase support industries, projects, funding, personnel and other efforts.
(15) Promoting rural labor employment. Combined with new urban construction and reform the household registration system, establish and improve the urban and rural workers equal employment system, further clean for employment of migrant workers discriminatory provisions. Improve vocational training, employment services, labor rights "trinity" of the working mechanism, strengthen migrant workers to the labor input and output butt, especially abundant labor resources, Western Region, give full play to all kinds of public employment services and human resources services institutional roles, and actively carry out organized labor export, to strengthen the transfer of employment of migrant workers tracking service, targeted to help them solve practical problems, to promote the employment of rural surplus labor and ordered to go out locally to the transfer of employment. Good employment landless peasants, in the development of land compensation and resettlement program, to clear specific measures to promote the employment of the affected farmers.
(Xvi) to promote veterans employment. To support their own jobs demobilized cadres, self-employment of retired soldiers employment and entrepreneurship, implementation of the preferential policies, organization and implementation of education and training, strengthen employment guidance and services, build employment business service platform. Arrangement of working conditions in line with government retired non-commissioned officers, conscripts, to ensure the implementation of post refine recruiting civil servants and public institutions to improve recruitment preference under the same conditions (employment), as well as state-owned, state-controlled and state-owned enterprises dominate capital in proportion Reserved job recruiting of preferential measures. Retired soldiers apply for civil servants, public institutions apply for jobs in the military on active duty experience deemed grassroots work experience, number of years of active duty as a work experience. Adjust and improve the promotion of employment of dependents of demobilized cadres and tax policy.
Fourth, strengthening employment services and vocational training in entrepreneurship
(17) to strengthen public employment business services. Improve urban and rural public employment business service system, improve service equalization, standardization and specialization. Improve business service functions of public employment service system, give full play to the role of public employment services, SMEs, college graduates employment guidance and other institutions to provide project development for entrepreneurs, business guide, financial services, follow-up assistance and other services, innovative services content and methods. Improve public employment services to ensure funding for entrepreneurship, and effectively above the county level public employment service organizations and county business (excluding the county) grassroots public employment business service platform expenditures into the budget at the same level. The employment subsidies and grants to support public employment services for the employment and entrepreneurship services consolidation adjustment subsidies to support the country in accordance with the principles of precision, power and performance management, strengthen capacity building in public service employment and entrepreneurship, social forces to purchase basic service employment business results. Innovation and employment business service supply mode, the formation of multiple participation, fair competition, improve service quality and efficiency.
(18) to speed up the public employment service information. According to the unified construction, the provincial focus, business collaboration, the principle of sharing of resources, and gradually built to a provincial basis, the integration of the national pattern of employment information. The establishment of provincial centralized information repository employment, strengthen information system applications, employment management and employment services full information. Promoting public employment information service platform construction, all kinds of unified release employment information, and improve the national employment information monitoring platform. Promoting employment information sharing and supportive of social service agencies to use government data to carry out specialized employment services, promote government and social coordination to enhance the public employment services.
(Xix) strengthening human resources market development. Accelerate the establishment of a unified, standardized and flexible human resources market, eliminate institutional barriers and discrimination in employment impact of urban and rural areas, industry, identity, gender, disability, equal employment, fair employment and create favorable institutional environment. Sound unified market regulatory system, promote market integrity system of human resources development and standardization of construction. Strengthening corporate recruitment practices and standardize the activities of employment agencies, and promptly correct discrimination in the recruitment process, restrictions and other acts of fraud. The establishment of state-owned enterprises and institutions open recruitment system to promote the realization of jobs open, public process and the results made public. Accelerate the development of human resources services, regulate the development of personnel agency, personnel recommendations, staff training, dispatch and other human resources services, supply capacity and improve service levels. Improve the party and government organs, enterprises and institutions, human society in all aspects of the institutional system to flow smoothly.
(Xx) strengthen vocational training and entrepreneurship training. Adaptation of industrial structure towards the high-end level, to ease the employment structural contradictions demand, optimize the structure of college subject specialty, accelerate the development of modern vocational education, large-scale vocational training, entrepreneurship training to increase the intensity. The use of various types of entrepreneurship training resources to develop different business groups, entrepreneurial activity characteristics of the different stages of entrepreneurship training programs that will bring innovation and entrepreneurship course into the national education system. Focus on the implementation of migrant workers vocational skills upgrading and retraining the unemployed jobs, enhance their ability to employment, entrepreneurship and career transition. Respect the wishes of workers trained to guide workers to choose training programs, training methods and training institutions. Enterprises play the main role in supporting enterprises to the newly recruited young workers and new staff to focus on new reorientation apprenticeship training. Strengthen basic capacity building, innovative training model, and establish a high level, part-time entrepreneurship training teachers, improve the quality of training, the implementation of vocational training subsidies, rationally determine the subsidy standards. Promoting vocational qualification management reform, helping to train workers to improve growth and success, evaluation and incentives, smooth skilled occupation rising channel, to promote mechanisms work, skills and other elements forming distribution according to contribution that skilled workers and their ability to get results adapt wages.
(21) to establish and improve the unemployment insurance, social assistance linkage mechanism and employment. Further improve the unemployment insurance system, give full play to the unemployment insurance protection of life, anti-unemployment, promoting employment role in encouraging people receiving unemployment insurance to employment or self-employment as soon as possible. Employment or self-employment for a minimum standard of living, in the calculation of household income, you can deduct the cost of the necessary employment.
(Xxii) Measures to improve the unemployment register. Within the legal working age, we have the ability to work and employment requirements, are jobless resident of the town who can go to the permanent residence of the public employment service agencies registered as unemployed. Over the public employment service agencies registered as unemployed to the various types of personnel to provide equalization policy advice, career guidance, employment agencies and other public employment services and inclusive employment policies, and gradually make the local registered population of foreign workers enjoy the same employment policies. The "Employment and Unemployment registration certificate" to "employment business card", distributed free of charge, as workers access to public employment services and employment support policy credentials. Conditional place to actively promote the social security card applications in the field of employment.
Fifth, strengthen organizational leadership
(Xxiii) improve coordination mechanisms. Above the county level should strengthen leadership over the work of employment and entrepreneurship, the promotion of employment and entrepreneurship in an important agenda, employment and entrepreneurship and improve the coordination mechanism led government official, strengthen employment situation analysis judged to implement policies to improve employment and entrepreneurship, coordinate and solve focus difficult issues, to ensure that the employment objectives to complete and stabilize the employment situation. Relevant departments should enhance global awareness and close coordination, assumed responsibility for due diligence. Further play the role of people's organizations and other social organizations to fully mobilize all sectors of society to promote employment and entrepreneurship initiative.
(Xxiv) the implementation of the target responsibility system. Employment and entrepreneurship will work into the performance evaluation, detailed objectives, tasks, policy implementation, business services employment, capital investment, public satisfaction and other indicators, to improve the weight, and down to every level, and supervise the implementation. To obtain outstanding achievements in employment and entrepreneurship work units and individuals, according to the relevant provisions of the State shall be awarded. Does not fulfill the relevant areas to promote employment duties, resulting in adverse social impact, accountability of local government responsible person and specific responsibilities.
(Xxv) guarantee funding. Governments at all levels according to the employment situation and employment goals, in the Budget arrange employment-related funds. The system of norms, principles streamline efficiency, the promotion of inter-governmental clear functional orientation of employment policies, strict expenditure responsibilities. Further standardize the management of special employment funds, strengthen the implementation and monitoring of the capital budget, the use of funds to carry out the performance evaluation, and strive to improve efficiency in the use of special funds of employment.
(26) establish a sound system of statistical monitoring of employment and entrepreneurship. Improve employment statistics indicators, improving statistical and survey methods, and gradually the gender indicators into the statistical monitoring range, explore the establishment of pioneering work statistical indicators. Further strengthen and improve the national labor force survey institution building, expanding the scope of investigation, survey content increases. Strengthen quality control surveys. Increase employment survey personnel, funding and other support software and hardware efforts to promote employment survey information technology. Relying on industry organization, establish and improve the human resource needs of industry and employment status regularly publish forecasting system.
(Xxvii) pay attention to public opinion guidance. Give correct guidance to strengthen policy interpretation, timely response to community concern, and vigorously promote the work of promoting employment and entrepreneurship experience and practice, its workers self-employment, self-employment and employers to promote employment typical story, guide the whole society to care for and support the work of employment and entrepreneurship guide the college graduates and other workers change their ideas, establish a correct concept of employment, to create a glorious work, valuable skills, create great fashion of the time.
All localities and departments to earnestly implement the task of the comments made, combined with the region, the department practical, creative work, to develop specific programs and supporting policies, at the same time to effectively change their functions, simplify processes, improve service efficiency, to ensure that the employment and entrepreneurship policies and measures put in place to promote stable employment and improve people's economic and social stable and healthy development.
State council
April 27, 2015

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