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New three board listing will be up to 1000000

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Reporters recently learned from the Shenzhen securities regulatory bureau, as of May 31st this year, the national share transfer system listed company (commonly known as the new three board) a total of 2487, the total share capital of the listed company 115500000000 shares. Shenzhen District, the first breakthrough in the listed company, to 103, the total share capital of 5866000000 shares.

Shenzhen three new board listed company to high-tech enterprises, in 2014 the annual report of listed companies analysis, the company's performance has a good overall operating conditions, income, profit targets, the asset is good, high concentration of ownership.

High-tech enterprises based

The number of market making companies less

According to statistics, as of May 31st this year, Shenzhen new three board listed company 103, home number of the national listed company in the same period the proportion of 2487. Especially in the last month, the company for the new three board enthusiasm, the number of new listed companies reached 11.

Shares issued from the situation, this year 1 5 months, the new board total 475 pen stock issued to complete the registration, total number of shares 48 million shares, to raise funds of 21.9 billion yuan. Shenzhen has 12 listed company to complete the issuance of 14 shares, a total of 5360000000 yuan financing.

From the industry analysis, the Shenzhen listed company involved in a total of 26 segments of the industry (by Wind industry division), industry diversity is obvious, reflecting the new board is different from the gem and other sectors of the industry compatibility.

Among them, the electronic equipment and components, the Internet software and services, electrical equipment industry for the Shenzhen listed company mainly concentrated industries, 3 categories of industry companies in the home number of 50 or so, accounting for more than half. The above 3 types of industry enterprises are mostly high-tech enterprises, innovation ability, obvious technical advantages, high gross margin, individual high-tech enterprises or sub industry leader.

Statistics also show that as of December 31, 2014, the average total assets of the listed company in Shenzhen is 240000000 yuan, compared with the national average total assets of listed company 23.08%. It is reported that Shenzhen's listed company, the total assets of 10000000 to 50000000 yuan of business accounted for more than half of the size of the assets of the country and the same level. Among them, the total assets of over 500000000 yuan, accounting for 10.87%, more than the national level.

Disclosure of the number of shareholders from the annual report, the Shenzhen listed company equity concentration is high, the company's shareholders of less than 10 people have 55, accounting for the proportion of the area of about 60% listed company, significantly higher than the level of the country 55%. As of April 30th this year, the Shenzhen area of the city to make way for the transfer of shares of the listed company only 13, accounting for only 14.13% of the area under the jurisdiction of the listed company.

Income and profit levels are more than the national average

Three new board companies operating conditions? According to statistics, Shenzhen new board listed company has 86 companies in 2014 earnings, the proportion is 93.48%, the overall profitability of the enterprise is good. Net profit scale analysis, Shenzhen and the country is similar to the net profit of 0 - 5000000 yuan scale listed company based, a total of 38 companies, accounting for the proportion of the area of the jurisdiction of 41.3%.

From specific data, in 2014 the annual revenue of Shenzhen listed company 20082000000 yuan, an increase of 1502000000; net profit of 13% yuan, an increase of 34%; the end of the total assets of 22082000000 yuan, an increase of 29%; the above operating income, net profit and total assets of the three indicators are more than the national level.

From the average operating income, the Shenzhen listed company last year, the average revenue of 218000000 yuan, an average net profit of 16000000 yuan, more than the national average of listed company. Shenzhen listed company with more than 50000000 operating income scale, a total of 70 companies, accounting for the proportion of the area of the listed company, 76.08%, higher than the proportion of the country's 56.42%.

The income of more than 10 billion yuan more than the company has four, namely: the paraelectric shares (23.88 billion yuan), giant Zhengyuan (20.06 billion yuan), the clothing industry (14.8 billion yuan) and inter industry photoelectric (12.66 billion yuan).

This reporter learned that, recently, Shenzhen is also the new Sanban listing subsidy project as added items, into Shenzhen private and small and medium-sized enterprise development funds charged management, project financing is registered in Shenzhen in Shenzhen small and medium-sized enterprise services agency registration, and has been in the shares of small and medium-sized enterprises listed on the transfer system of private and small and medium-sized enterprises.

It is reported that the new three board listed companies to take subsidies, namely the enterprise based on the listing of documents and other relevant information, to the small and medium enterprises in Shenzhen to apply for subsidies. Approved by the examination and approval, a one-time subsidy payment to the enterprise. According to the different situation of enterprises, funding is divided into three levels, the highest were not more than 300000 yuan, 500000 yuan, 1000000 yuan.

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