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Circular of the national development and Reform Commission on the implementation of major projects in emerging industries

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Circular of the national development and Reform Commission on the implementation of major projects in emerging industries
Relevant departments of the State Council, the organization directly under the State Council, the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government and cities under separate state planning, Xinjiang production and construction corps development and Reform Commission, the central enterprises:
In accordance with the central economic work conference and the government work report deployment, in order to accelerate the implementation of the strategy of innovation driven development, stimulate public entrepreneurship, innovation potential peoples, raise the quality and efficiency of development, I appointed will organize implementation of emerging industries major engineering package. Through policy guidance and appropriate investment support, explore the government support for enterprise technology innovation, management innovation, business model innovation, and enhance the development of new industries, new formats of power, expanding new investment areas, the release of consumer demand potential, forming a new economic growth point. From 2015 to 2017, focusing on the development of information consumption, new health technology, marine engineering equipment, high-tech service industry development, high performance integrated circuit and industrial innovation capacity and other six major projects. Specifically as follows:
One, information consumption project
From the information service of the people's livelihood, space technology applications and information security of accelerate the crack mechanism of the current system and the traditional environmental services to the people's livelihood outstanding problems and policy bottleneck, breakthrough in a number of key technologies, and promote the application of new technology and new business models. One is to carry out key areas of livelihood services demonstration applications, innovative public service supply mode, and enhance the livelihood of the people's livelihood services supply capacity, the release of consumer demand for consumer information, effectively improve the level of public services. Two is to promote satellite remote sensing, satellite communications, satellite navigation and other information technology and other information technology and services for the integration of applications, play a role in promoting the development of China's space infrastructure, and promote the development of independent innovation in the application industry and market, scale development, to provide strong support for the economic and social innovation and development. Three is to carry out information security demonstration applications in key areas, improve China's critical infrastructure network security capabilities and level, to enhance the security of important information system.
Two, new type of health technology benefit project
Full play gene detection and other new medical technology and the role of modern Chinese medicine in disease prevention and control, improve the health of the masses. One is to support the core technology, innovation and related qualifications of institutions to take the network layout, the first to build 30 genetic testing technology application demonstration center, to carry out genetic diseases and birth defects gene screening as the focus, to promote genetic testing and other advanced health technology to promote the development of the industry, leading to major innovation. Two is the full application of advanced technology and methods to build the entire chain of Chinese medicine industry standard system, the development of the Chinese medicine to cover more than 50% varieties of high quality products standards and more than 50% of the most commonly used Chinese herbal medicine grade standard, construction of Chinese medicine standardization support system platform, the implementation of Chinese medicine quality products information on a regular basis, to promote high quality products, promote quality of Chinese medicine, better meet the health needs of the masses.
Three, marine engineering equipment engineering
Key breakthrough LNG deepwater semi submersible drilling platform, production platforms, floating production, storage and unloading device and storage and gasification device, deep-water drilling ships, large-scale deep-water pipelay vessel, deep-water exploration ship, polar expedition icebreaker, large semi submersible transport ship, prospecting ship etc. marine engineering equipment and its supporting system and equipment design and manufacturing technology, and through the sea test and practical application, play an exemplary leading role, promote innovation achievement to the engineering and industrialization. Through project implementation, basically formed a sound R & D, design, manufacturing and standard system, promote the China ocean engineering equipment innovation and development, independent design, turnkey construction, core equipment supporting capacity improved significantly, the industrial structure of marine engineering equipment have continued to optimize and create new achievements in engineering and industrialization ability significantly improved, the coordinated development of the industry, the major national needs supporting role and international competitiveness has been further enhanced.
Four, high technology service industry cultivation project
Relying on high-tech service industry base, breaking the common key technology, foster the backbone enterprises, guide the regional agglomeration, improve the institutional mechanisms. Through engineering implementation, we can further improve the innovation and design capability, and make breakthroughs in the key technologies such as green intelligence, personality customization, service and brand design, guide innovation design enterprises and manufacturing enterprises, promote the development of new industry, form a number of technical ability, service level, scale efficiency, and have some international influence.
Five, high performance integrated circuit engineering
For major information applications, strategic emerging industry development and national information security and other major needs, focus on improving the level of advanced technology, design industry concentration and industrial chain supporting capacity, select the technology is more mature, the industry is good, the application potential of the field, coupled with high performance integrated circuit product industry. Through the project implementation, to promote the industrialization level of key integrated circuit products, mobile intelligent terminal, network communications, cloud computing, networking, big data and other key areas of integrated circuit design technology to reach the international leading level, industry concentration of the design industry has improved significantly;

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